BlueStarter 1.0 released (Freeware !)

Smart Mobile Tools released BlueStarter, a Windows Mobile tool to automatically start an application when a configured bluetooth device is discovered.


  • Starts an application on bluetooth device discovery
  • Easy Bluetooth device selection
  • Optional application start arguments
  • Low power consumption (no background service running)
  • Test option using the test button
  • 2 search modes; on a timed event or on wake up (power button pressed)

Usage examples:

  • Start you GPS navigaton software when GPS mouse is switched on
  • Start Activesync when PC bluetooth device is discovered
  • Start your own application at Bluetooth device discovery


BlueStarter is free of charge and tested on Windows Mobile 6 devices using .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Check out the FAQ and the download pages.


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