Band Run Zone released!

I like to use my Microsoft Band fitness wearable using running activities, but was missing some functionality. For the Band 1 it is not possible to get vibration notification when exceeding a certain heart rate zone. The Band 2 does have some functionality to notify but is also limited. So I decided to make my own configurable heart rate zone app that communicates with your band, also when the phone is in standby mode!
Just set your heart rate zone and start receiving different vibration notifications to speed up or slow down your run. Band Run Zone has also the possibility to calculate your heart rate zones based on the Karvonen Formula.

Let me know what features you like me to add!

Check out my app in the Windows Store


RunInterval 1.0.0 released

RunInterval is an app fully designed for Run Interval training. No accounts needed, simply select an Interval protocol and start your run! Besides run and rest timing indicators, RunInterval also uses the built-in GPS for distance and pace tracking. On top, support for SkyDrive export of the complete .gpx gps tracking per workout. This function makes it possible to export your workout data to for example Endomondo.
App Features:
– Very easy to use User Interface
– Includes a set of default interval protocols
– Store manually configured interval protocols
– Sound signal and vibration for start and finish of laps
– Distance and pace shown during workout
– History of workouts including distance and average pace
– Details page showing each interval including distance, maximum and average pace
– .gpx export to OneDrive
– Supports km or miles
– Live tile update showing last workout
Download link to the Windows Phone Marketplace


Bluestarter 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 is finally released!
Since the first release of Bluestarter there where serveral feature request, the most important was the Widcomm Bluetooth stack support (installed on a lot of Windows Mobile phones). A couple of months ago another user request mail, triggered me to get really started. After beta testing I now have a version ready for download with Widcomm support + new features!

Change list:
• Widcomm Bluetooth stack support!
• Support for up to 5 different profile configurations; search for different devices and start different programs
• Improved UI
• Interval config issue fixed

Please let me know your feedback.

BlueStarter 1.0.1 released

A new version of BlueStarter is available for download. This version solves an issue involving application arguments. This issue resulted in for example ActiveSync not starting correctly.

If you like to start ActiveSync with BlueStarter make sure:

– PC driver settings for Bluetooth: COM port is enabled
– PC ActiveSync: Bluetooth COM port is enabled (for example COM 7)
– BlueStarter uses the following settings, replace PC1 with the name used for the Bluetooth connection:

(Tested with Windows Mobile 6.1)

BlueStarter 1.0 released (Freeware !)

Smart Mobile Tools released BlueStarter, a Windows Mobile tool to automatically start an application when a configured bluetooth device is discovered.


  • Starts an application on bluetooth device discovery
  • Easy Bluetooth device selection
  • Optional application start arguments
  • Low power consumption (no background service running)
  • Test option using the test button
  • 2 search modes; on a timed event or on wake up (power button pressed)

Usage examples:

  • Start you GPS navigaton software when GPS mouse is switched on
  • Start Activesync when PC bluetooth device is discovered
  • Start your own application at Bluetooth device discovery


BlueStarter is free of charge and tested on Windows Mobile 6 devices using .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Check out the FAQ and the download pages.